"To find out" by THE KEGGS....This has gotta be my favorite 1960's punk song of all time..... One listen to this begs the question~ what the hell were these guys thinking? Sounds like half the band is playing a different song than the others, while the "singer" slurs his way through some mostly unintelligible lyrics. Add some Assorted pained screaming + Retarded drumming = Brilliance! Probley done as a joke at the time but winds up being....possibly...the greatest song, FUCKING EVER! @#$%$$$**&!!!!


Johnny Graveyard said...

hey great site & i linked your site in this moment

johnny Graveyard

still talkin bout rawk & roll

heino said...

it surely is one of the greatest songs ever written.

Demandeur said...


i agree with u
as to me it's my fave one of all times and all styles

and the one that make me find out life when i need get up of my mind

when i hear it i'm stronger each time