LOOSE LIPS (Vinyl 7")

Okay, This is the kinda thing I was always planning on doing here, putting up some junk ya just can't find too easy like these singles. Finally got the damn turntable hooked up with the damn computer after trying 3 different turntables (don't ask) & it seems to sound okay, as far as I can tell.If it sounds like crap let me know. There's prolly going to be some hisses, pops, etc but that's just rock & roll, brother....& the cover photos aint going to be no works of art either, seeing how I dont have a scanner! That being said I think yer going to

like the first one. Loose Lips was one

of Shane Whites projects and they

were pretty damn great. Got to

see them open up for THE REAL KIDS a

couple years ago, right when the

Kids got back together for the

first time (R.I.P. Alpo). Also got

their album on vinyl somewhere,

its equally as good. Standout

track for me on this is "Slow

Death" even though its not the

Groovies tune..........

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Can you re-up this one, please ?
I'm also very interesting by their lp ...
Can you tell more (ref. of the 7'' & lp)about this band ?