SUGAR SHACK - Five Weeks Ahead of My Time

This Houston, Texas five-piece growls and roars with timeless, rebellious "we won't be kept down" rock and roll energy, kicking out the jams with one rollicking two-minute three-chord skuzz-rock anthem after another. Sugar Shack's not-quite-controlled chaos marries the sound of pre-punk '60s garage rock -- especially the acid-influenced dementia of Texas acts like the 13th Floor Elevators and the Moving Sidewalks -- with the angry, thunderous bite of early '80s Los Angeles punk outfits like the Misfits. FIVE WEEKS AHEAD OF MY TIME


Johnny Graveyard said...

your blog is the best in the garage, i like it very much, always you post great albums, like this keep rockin'

don't worry i dont wanna competing

Johnny Graveyard said...

i wanna share rock & roll, yes is my intention,